1962    Born, Vienna –Austria
1986   Freelance photographer for Austrian Press Agency.
1987   World Championships in ice hockey and cycling, Vienna.
1988   Olympic Winter Games, Calgary, Summit Reagan-Gorbatchov, Moskau, Race across America, advertising  for Duracell.
1989   Ski World Championships, Vail, KSZE Conference Vienna, Revolutions in Bulgaria and Rumania for Reuters.
1990   Soccer World Championships in Italy, advertising for Duracell
  Magazine clients: Bunte, Basta, Sportmagazin.
1991   Ski World Championships, Saalbach, Revolution in Yugoslavia for Reuters.
1992    Olympic Winter Games, Albertville, Olympic Summer Games, Barcelona.
1993   Ski World Championships, Morioka: Sportmagazin, Atomic, Head, Tyrolia.
1994    Olympic Games, Lillehammer: Sportmagazin, Atomic, Head, Tyrolia.
1995    Ski World Cup and World Championships, Sestriere: Atomic, Head, Tyrolia, Avdertising and PR:  Acer, Admiral, Novomatic, Tchibo.
1996    Ski World Cup, Olympic Games, Atlanta, Crocodile Trophy, Australia, Advertising and PR: Acer, Tchibo, Austrian Broadcast Company.
1997   Ski World Cup for Atomic, Head, Tyrolia,
  Tennis Lipton Championships in Key Biscane for Head.
1998    Ski World Cup, Olympic Winter Games, Nagano: Atomic, Head, Tyrolia. Advertising and PR: Acer, Tchibo.

  Advertising and Public Relationes for Acer Computer, Bank Austria, Eduscho, Tchibo, Eizo, Epson,

  Das Agenturhaus: Genol, Die Saat, Lagerhaus.


  Advertising and PR: Tchibo, Eduscho, Acer Computer, ARA, Bank Austria, Linde-Verlag,  Mehrwertmarketing,

 Hadac PR: Eizo, Epson, Das Agenturhaus: Genol, Die Saat, Lagerhaus, ÖWAV, Zurich Insurance Group.